August Roundup!

Hi everyone!

Gamescom was fantastic, we met a lot of interesting people from all walks of game-making, from the most corporate direction (you won’t believe how many chinese free-to-play publishers asked for cooperations!) to the more underground creative direction (see for an example). We also made contact with the big three, but more on that later on.

Right after we came back, we participated in the current Ludum Dare Game Jam with the theme of 10 Seconds. You can play the result here:

And now, Thomas is almost off to the next event, attending Unite 2013 in Vancouver, a conference about everything that’s hot and new concerning Unity3D, while I will be working on new stuff for Globosome.

Finally, let me tell you some words about my personal motivation doing Globosome.

In narrative scenarios, there is a tendency of having clearly defined fractions of good and evil. That’s the way we like to process the world, it makes it easier for us to cope with the sensations that life offers us. It’s a very neat model, and I do like the way it simplifies our lifes and the sheer joy it can create. But Globosome is supposed to convey a different idea: In the end, it’s up to us how we deal with things. There is no black sheep that we can blame our misfortunes on and there is no magic bullet that we can trust to take over. It feels good to deviate from conventions that way and I’m excited where this will lead us!


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