You Win! – (too?) hard to reach

Hi Navel friends,
long time no hear! Of course we were busy. And even more that’s no valid excuse for our abstinence. That’s why I want to mention a few keywords to keep you back on track of our current development:

  • we redesigned your “first steps” within Globosome
  • we let you control as you want (gyro, touch or use your controller)
  • we are working on the secret final level

If you’re still curious what this posts title mean – here you go. After our last user testing, our expectations got approved.

“If you think your game’s difficulty is on a good challenging level, your players will teach you better. In fact it is way too hard.”, (me)

That’s why we put new effort in making your first steps in Globosome more simple.
Of course we will not force you into a guided and restrictive tutorial, but adjust your learning curve to the optimum.

Currently our Interface Designer Patrick is working on new lovely icons. Not only the buttons you press, but also for the skills you will learn. Lets sneak a peek at this mockup.



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