Gamesweek Berlin Aftermath

Hi there,
after nearly three weeks of abstinence, Fabian and I have returned to our beloved office. There’s quite much to tell, but first things first: Globosome development for the version 1.0 is as good as finished. A few minor problems occurred, which we already solved. So the release in May is coming even closer.

For those who don’t know, we were attending the International Gamesweek Berlin. We had a booth at the developer conference Quo Vadis, where we represented the current version of Globosome to users, the press and other people – nearly every single one of them liked playing it.

Quo Vadis Indie Booth 2014The whole booth of german speaking independent game developers at the Quo Vadis

Navel part at Indie Booth Quo Vadis 2014Navel presenting Globosome at the Indie Booth (Quo Vadis 2014)


Simultaneously taking place to the Quo Vadis was the A MAZE festival. It’s an absolutely must-attend for every game developer, nerd, freak and awesome guy or girl. You can play installations you will never be able to buy because its 100% homebrew and/or just for festivals. For example the zwoboter. A home-made console for two players with 6 colored buttons – its a lot of fun playing it.

The zwoboter at the A MAZE 2014Benedikt Hummel and Marius Winter (Major Bueno) playing zwoboter at the A MAZE 2014. They also had a talk about pancakes!

Another great game which connects le good old text adventure and haptic games in the present time. It’s called the Choosatron. It’s as simple as a text adventure and funny as hell. Also it’s the winner of the audience award at the A MAZE. And Jerry Belich is an awesome guy – it was a lot of fun chatting with him and having a few beers.

Choosatron at A MAZE 2014Every single one of the little machines is a Choosatron with different stories. I still have my paper roll!

Not to forget to name Lea Schönfelder with Perfect Woman for winning the “The Most Amazing Game Award” (Everyone was happy). Great work and all the best for the further development for the whole team! And I don’t even need to mention that Nidhogg was the most often played game (and of course it won the “Human Human Machine Award”)

A MAZE CouchGreat place to meet people at the A MAZE – the couch!


We hope you got a nice overview of our past two weeks and you are now looking forward to become an attendee next year!

Best wishes,
Thomas and Fabian




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