The unspeakable feature

We have some really cool news today.

You haven’t heard from us in a while and the reason for that is actually pretty exciting:
We decided to add asynchronous Online Multiplayer™ to Mimics. This means you’ll be able to send your imitation selfies to your friends, guess theirs and even play with random strangers if you choose to do so.
This works cross-platform on iOS and Android.

Here’s a puzzle Lara received from Louis:


Can you guess which one he imitated?

Pretty much every bullet-point-list of advice for indies includes ‘don’t do online multiplayer’ and now we know why – it’s difficult and time-consuming. That’s why we didn’t want to announce it officially until we were confident that it would actually work out.

So here we are, making an online multiplayer game as the follow-up to our debut and we’re really looking forward to see your reactions.

This is Lara’s hub, where she can see all her on-going games with friends and start new ones:


Everybody should have a hub.

As a consequence of having an online mode, Mimics will be free with ad-support instead of our initially-planned premium model. You’ll be able to remove the ads at the prize we originally planned to charge the app for, which we think is totally fair.

We’re pretty excited to announce a release date for Mimics soon, as everything is finally coming together smoothly. Stay tuned!

Announcing Mimics, formerly known as Face It!

We’re announcing today that Face It!, the game in which you imitate pictures with your face, will be named “Mimics” from now on.

Let me shortly explain how that came to be: In the early development stages, we chose ‘Face It!’ and never really gave it another thought. Lately, it became more and more clear to us that the name didn’t quite capture the game experience. When we found out that the name couldn’t be registered anymore, we finally decided to change it altogether.

We wanted the name to convey an inviting spirit of togetherness, while highlighting the core game mechanic: imitating faces.
We brainstormed hundreds of names until we settled on Mimics.

Now we can go back to finishing the actual game!

We will also be showing Mimics two more times in September: at PLAY15 in Hamburg (where Mimics is nominated for the Creative Gaming Award) and the EGX in Birmingham. We want to collect some more feedback and tune the game one last time to make it the best experience it can possibly be.

We’re especially excited to see how players react to some small, but crucial design changes we made last week and we can’t wait to wrap up the game for the general public thereafter!

We hope you like what you’ll be seeing soon :)


Although E3 is already past some days, I still wanted to say a few words about my stay there:
E3 is a meat grinder. All the more happy I was to exhibit Face It! in an environment that formed a contrast to the otherwise noisy and harsh trade show that is E3: together with over 40 other indie developers, we had the pleasure to be part of the Indiecade Showcase.










I had a lot of fun with the other developers at the booths and the parties, saw a lot of great games (check out ChargeShot, Royals and Metamorphabet) and met a lot of people from all over the world. It sometimes seemed like the beginning of a joke. An American, an Australian and a German enter a bar…














The Indiecade team did an awesome job in directing press (in our case mobile related) to the respective teams. That way I got to know youtubers, journalists and event organizers that were interested in exhibiting our game. So be prepared, Face It! might soon show up at a venue near you!

Until then we’re off, working on the game again!

Face It!

Last time we updated this blog, we talked about a certain game jam game. Today we’re happy to announce that this is going to be our next project!
We believe in games as a medium to bring people closer together. That’s what our next game Face It! is about.

Unconscious communication with facial expressions ranks among the most unique skills of human beings. Humans are experts at recognising feelings in the slightest change of facial muscles. We constantly scan our fellows for those changes and take pleasure in learning more about the inner life of our counterpart.
This talent, which we all trained for all of our lives, is the basis of Face It!.

Face It! is a team-based, local multiplayer party game about making a fool of oneself in front of friends and family and watch them do the same. Players re-enact drawn faces, before their teammates must guess which face was portrayed.


We want to bring people closer together in every way possible.
First of all, we want to bring people together physically. Face It! works best when everybody is in the same room, being able to see each others facial expressions and the reactions on them.

What’s exciting for us is being able to bring people together even during development.
We’re looking forward to organize play sessions in bars, send early builds to local multiplayer enthusiasts and give you the possibility to play with strangers at game festivals all over the

We’re also extremely happy to bring together the amazing artists Mareike Ottrand from Studio Fizbin, Lea SchönfelderMarius Winter and Benedikt Hummel from Major Bueno and pixelartist Sven Ruthner to contribute faces, have fun and work with each other.

Most of them are friends we came to like in the course of the last years and you are going to get to know them too, as we’re releasing sneak peeks of the faces they drew.

We can’t tell you how excited we are for this ride and we can’t wait to see who else we are going to meet along the way. So we wrap this post with a face that expresses our feelings about our new game best: