Summer is the best time for Extreme Winter Holidays!


It’s time to talk to you about what we’ve been up to lately!
After Globosome being a relatively long-term project, we’ve been craving to experiment with different gameplay-styles and therefore, we have built tons of little games and prototypes during the last weeks, some of which might or might not ever see the sunlight.

EWH_iconOne of those little games that we actually want to put out there soon is Extreme Winter Holiday, a frantic downhill skiing game that feels like a top-down action platformer with pinball physics. Be prepared to deal with fragile fir trees, creepily happy snow trucks, a greedy ski lift and incredibly bouncy rocks that are scattered on the way to your destination…

As a little incentive to meet us there, we’ll bring it along to Gamescom this week, so drop us a line somewhere or don’t be shy when you see us!

We’re still very keen ourselves to get to know where this experimental stage will lead us, but I got the feeling that there might soon be more things to tell…


After Launch is before Launch!

Today it’s time to tell you about the experience of launching our first game in the App
First of all, we were really excited about the amount of positive feedback we received after
releasing Globosome to the open and we want to thank all of you!
Releasing a game is such a crazy experience that I wish everybody could have.

From a commercial standpoint, an oddball such as Globosome won’t make us rich, but the learnings we acquired during, before and after the release are priceless.
That being said, we’re very happy with the exposure our game got. This isn’t self-evident, especially in the mobile market with a paid game with no in-app purchases and no publisher to back us up. But that was the road we chose from the start and we still strongly believe in this model.

At the moment, we are working on the first update for Globosome. It will contain more languages, bugfixes (as although we were spared from crashes and other major issues, there are still some things we definitely need to fix!) and most importantly: new Levels!

As the theme of the core levels is loneliness, we wanted to go into another direction with the update: The new levels have you start with two Globos and quickly let you aquire more of them, so you will have the opportunity to enjoy how it’s like to be an actual horde.

That’s it for today, stay tuned for the update at the end of June!

AND: you should definitely get the soundtrack here!

A maze of spikey plants!

Hi everybody,
before we will present you our Spikey Plant in all its glory, we are happy to announce that we are in amazing company at the A MAZE submission entries. Go check them out!

We had such a good time last year (when the german Indie Forum Indie Arena was initiated), meeting all those people and playing a lot of fascinating games. So we are very excited and looking forward to see our friends again in Berlin in April.

So here comes the moment you all waited for, I proudly indroduce, the Spikey Plant:


Globosome Gameplay!

Today I want to talk about how Globosome is actually gonna play like.

Globosome is an explorative action adventure. Players take on the role of a little spherical being that replicates into a swarm by feeding on plants, growing in its natural habitat. The swarm enables the player to do things that he couldn’t do alone.


The game world is based on the film by the same name (

We are recreating this world as an explorable, living, breathing place, that keeps surprising the player with secret locations and side challenges.

Progressing within the game and beating side challenges earn the player evolution points, which trigger the swarm to evolve and learn new skills. These skills enable the player to enter regions he couldn’t enter before and open up even more hidden areas and optional challenges, which again teach him additional skills.

That way, the world becomes increasingly deep as the player progresses, and never stops offering something nice and new.

That system also empowers the player to set his own difficulty: He can tackle the harder challenges right on, learning essential skills at an earlier point in the game, or go easy on it and spend more time exploring the levels, receiving new skills just as he needs them.

The different skills are meant to bring variety to the challenges the player faces. I give you an example of the early section of the game: After obtaining the Jump skill and accomplishing a series of platforming challenges, the swarm learns to push large stones which gives the player the possibility to move platforms around on his own. This adds a layer of spatial awareness and moves the focus away from the timing excercises. Later skills will add further challenge types, which are then combined among each other.

That’s it for this time, we will soon talk a bit about the art of Globosome. Tobi Trebellja’s concept art (of which you can see one piece above) greatly helped us defining the final art style, stay tuned for information on how it will transfer to the actual game!