Film, Game and Story

Hey there, my name is Sascha Geddert and I came up with the World (and the short film) of Globosome. As a kid of the 1980s, I grew up with both films and games and soon noticed one curious connection: Games based on films often suck! While an epic cinematic story might sound great for a game, it does not necessarily translate into great gameplay. If you measure a films quality by it’s themes, it’s story and it’s characters, for games it must surely be gameplay. Most of my favorite games (MDK, Half-Life, Mass Effect, Journey, Brothers, …) marry a great story (funny, epic, deep, varied) with great gameplay. This intelligent blend between story and gameplay is the challenge that we strive to tackle in the Globosome game.The film shows the evolution of a planet in a few minutes. From it’s formation and colonization by first plants, to the point where intelligent creatures start to appear until finally everything starts to crumble and die. I wanted to create a metaphor for us humans on this planet – something that lives in the mind of the viewer even after he left the cinema. For the game, we felt the story had to be more focused and personal. First you’re just one Ball, then you become a swarm. Over time you learn abilities that will change the world around you.The GapSo here’s how the story begins: The player starts as one of many globosomes in a big swarm rolling through a lush and green paradise. The swarm is mighty – it can do things that you could never do alone. It can push away rocks, chop down large plants and use them to cross obstacles. Here we give the player a glimpse of the abilities that he will aquire later on in the game. The swarm approaches a big canyon with a tree acting as a natural bridge. The swarm crosses the bridge but when the player follows, the tree cracks and falls into the canyon. Down there it’s dark and dangerous. You’re alone but at least you survived! Over the next couple of minutes we teach the player the basics of how to roll, how to jump and let him slowly climb back up the canyon wall. When he finally get’s back up on the other side of the canyon, the swarm is long gone and the player starts to pick up it’s track. We don’t want to give out much more at this point but the the idea is to have a clear overarching goal that the player can follow while providing the player with exciting challenges and gameplay on every stage of the Journey.