Tilt Pack is out on Nintendo Switch!

Tilt Pack is now available in the eShop for Nintendo Switch!

It’s the time of the yearly Tilt Tournament! The greatest Tilts challenge each other for the title of the Ultimate Fighter. Fans from all over the world flock to the arenas to watch the spectacular matches, that are decided by skill, wits and strategy.

Tilt Pack is a local multiplayer action game that’s easy to learn and has extremely short, enjoyable sessions. Each player controls their Tilt by rotating them left and right, defeating their opponents in spectacular, versatile arenas. The Tilts are constantly flip-flopping between chaos and control, in a quick choreography of tension and relief. Close saves, epic throws and sudden turnings of the tide will make you laugh and shout at each other constantly!

Without further ado: on your marks, get set, go!

Happy Holidays!

A calm and simultaneously exciting year comes to an end!

We wish all of you happy holidays and all the best for 2020! Below you find a short summary of our year.


We’ve released the mobile game “Gamma Blues”

It was an innovative way to develop this game, as it was a side project to our big game (we’re releasing Q1 2020). Fabian nearly did all the development on his own – the code logic via PlayMaker in Unity, the graphics and sounds. Also we had much fun together with Patrick creating the awesome poster!

German De-minimis funding

It was quite a rollercoaster of emotions for us german gamedevs. The federal government decides to support the industry with 50.000.000 €, but a very long time it seems to not pass the law. In the end, all worked out – we have this yearly funding until 2023. While this was atilt, you could already apply for a one-time funding, which we got! More information on this will follow next year.

One Year Kokolores Collective

We moved into our new shared office together with so many friends and it’s just great. Find out more at www.kokolores.space

Conferences and Publishers

We had a lot of fun and insights exhibiting Tilt Pack on some conferences (thanks to André Bernhardt) and early this year we’ve met some publishers. We had positive ongoing negotiations and in the end signed a contract with Super.com. This is very exciting for us, since it’s our first publishing deal. So fingers crossed for a prosperous year 2020!


Let’s have a game together soon!

Vital Sign!

A lot has happened behind the scenes since you last heard from us here and we’ve got some exciting news to share!

Since the release of Mimics, we regularly updated the game to add content, fix weird device-specific stuff and improved the overall user experience. The Random-Coop update lets you play Mimics together with a random player. It’s always exciting to see what will happen, so check it out if you haven’t played Mimics in a while (iOS, Android).

Now to the main event: we finished Gamma Blues, a minimalist arcade game with novel gameplay, drawn-on-film animation style and a rock & roll attitude. The game demands focus, devotion and timing and looks like this:

We’ll give you a release date soon (really soon, you’ll be surprised!).

We moved office to the newly founded Kokolores Collective, where we fulfilled the long-time dream of ours to gather with other games and media peeps to exchange feedback, jobs and points of view.

We also worked on some side-projects/contract work in the meantime: Thomas did the coding for The Longing, an dungeon explorer by our friends at Studio Seufz. The game tasks you with looking after a cave for 400 days – in realtime.
I designed games for an attraction at the castle park of our local town. The team is building a fairy tale forest room with haptic games and toys for kids. It was a pleasure to work in such a physical setting for once and I’m looking forward to see children interact with the result.

One last thing: after years of working for mobile, we currently have a console game in the works. Hopefully you’ll be just as hyped about it as we are, as soon as we announce it.