Game Jams



Theme: Memes
History: At this years Devmania 2014, Fabian and I were brainstorming a very long time on what a game about Memes can be about. We do not wanted to make a game where just the characters or surroundings are themed. Therefore we come up with this mimicry game. It was so much fun finding good pictures to reenact and even more to see other people having fun playing it. Currently we are pushing development of this prototype further. Developing a good and simple interface, working with artist on completely new pictures and sounds as well as reaching out to more target platforms.
Playable version:


Daily Space

Theme: connected worlds
History: This was our first game jam we participated not in Ludwigsburg, but we went to our buddy Martin Nerurkar to Karlsruhe. We all jammed together at the GEElab for the Ludum Dare 30. Unfortunately I had to finish something for a popped up deadline, so we decided to make a game with least programming priorities and dive more into art and sound – but still minimalistic. The atmosphere at the GEElab was very nice, although a better collaboration or at least communication between the different teams would not have harm anyone.
Daily Space is about making technical progress on “your” world and see what this might lead to!
Playable version: Dropbox Build



Theme: “rumpeln” (rumble)
History: This years procedure about getting a theme at the Devmania 2013 was very funny. We had one newspaper article and every team had to pick on word or sentence for its theme.
We picked the word “Rumpeln”, which means rumple and you will get the idea behind it when you play it. Be sure to play it with sound! By the way, its a two-player-coop game.
Playable version: